Probably one of your biggest concerns when
purchasing a new puppy is its health.  Despite all of
our TLC,  precautions, vaccinations, health checks
and monitoring, sometimes things happen beyond
our control and your new Yorkie puppy could get
sick.  This could happen because the puppies'
immune system is very complex and subject to
many variables.  At some point in its early life a
puppy loses the immune protection its mother gives
it and has to develop its own immune system. We
never sell sick puppies but illness can happen very
suddenly after a change in environment.  Puppies
are babies, and all babies are very delicate and
prone to coughs, colds and infections.  A new
home, new food, new water, new people can all  
cause stress to your new puppies' immune system.  
So if your puppy becomes ill after you take them
home, we want you to know that you can
call us at
anytime-day or night-and we will be there for you.
Your new puppy is guarantied to be healthy at the
time of purchase.... the warranty stipulates that you
must have your new little Yorkie puppy examined by
a licensed Veterinarian within 7 days of date of
purchase (pay off - pick up). This allows you to
confirm the puppy's health and allows your
veterinarian to begin a preventive health care
program.  As stated, the warranty does not cover
common parasites (i.e. worms, fleas, ticks, mites,
coccidia, cocei, giardia) nor does it cover
hypoglycemia, kennel cough or upper respiratory
infections as these items are simple to treat and
should never be a cause for serious illness or death.
Some puppy problems do not surface until the
puppy has matured for awhile.  We want you to
know that we will be there to help you should a
congenital or hereditary disorder occur in the first
year.  Your warranty states that you must keep the
puppy under regular care of a "licensed veterinarian
according to A.V.M.A. guidelines."  If you have done
this for your new little Yorkie puppy, then we will
honor the one year life threatening hereditary
congenital defect guaranty in your Sales Contract. It
warranties your puppy for 365 days from the date of
purchase (pay off-pick up) against any life
threatening hereditary, congenital disorders.  This is
stated in the Companion Dog Contract and Bill of
Sale which you agreed to and signed when
purchasing your new little Yorkie puppy.  No cash
refunds and no vet bill reimbursements will be
processed. Only a prompt replacement with the next
available similar dog (puppy) will be awarded to you
if your pup becomes ill or dies from a Vet diagnosed
and documented life threatening congenital
hereditary condition. Again, we want you to know
that we are always there for you- before, during and
after your little Yorkie adoption purchase process.
We have been breeding Yorkshire Terrier puppies
for 17 years and  know a lot of home remedies for
puppy coughs, colds, diarrhea and constipation, so
feel free to call us anytime - and don't ever feel like
you are bothering us.......we are happy to give
advise and we really appreciate knowing what is
going on with the puppies.      Thanks so much     
Your  New Pup's Health Warranty
Call or text us anytime at  614-832-0353
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