Little AKC Yorkie
Pups 4 u
These are some pictures of puppies from our new bloodline..they
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Companion Dog Contract and Bill of Sale

Date:___________________   BUYER:  
Whelp Date:______________                  City /
Price:_____________________                Cell
AKC papers given:__________               Email

Companion Dog Guaranty : No warranties or guaranties expressed or implied are made
except as stated below: All deposits are non refundable.
1) This dog / puppy is purebred.

2) The health of this animal is guaranteed for 7 days through examination by a Vet at the
expense of the Buyer. If the dog is found to be in unsatisfactory health and if written
documentation by Vet is presented, the Seller shall, provided the animal and AKC papers are
returned, refund 100% of the purchase price. This does not include kennel cough, upper
respiratory infections, hypoglycemia, worms, fleas, ticks, mites, cocidia, coocei, giardia, or any
other parasites, as they are common and easily treated in puppies.

3) This dog is guaranteed for one year for any life threatening hereditary congenital defects,
except for retained or undescended testicles. If dog is tested and found to have a hereditary
condition, the Seller shall replace the dog with the next available similar dog, provided the
dog and AKC papers are returned to Seller.

4) The Buyer agrees to provide annual Vet exams, including heartworm checks and
preventatives, yearly vaccinations and booster shots, and to maintain dogs healthcare
according to A.V.M.A. guidelines.  Failure to comply with and provide documentation of these
requirements voids all guaranties.

5) If Buyer decides to sell or rehome the purchased puppy at any time, the Seller has the
right to first refusal.

6) I, the undersigned Buyer and Seller have read and will adhere to this agreement as stated

Signature of Seller:_________________________________Date:_____________________

Signature of Buyer:_________________________________Date:_____________________

Need to Buy:  NutraCal (VitaCal, EnerGel, Kayro syrup), Collar w/bell, Harness w/leash, I.D.
Tag, XS cage & dental care products
Weight and coloring cannot be guaranteed.